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Seconds Seconds
How long can you play?
(Played: 1,141 times)
Lemonade Stand Lemonade Stand
Try to sell as much lemonade as you can.
(Played: 1,443 times)
Bubble Popper Bubble Popper
Bank a bubble off the wall
(Played: 1,128 times)
Population Tire Population Tire
Hit the seagull for an extra x1, to whatever it is now. other objects have e...
(Played: 1,046 times)
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Splat Attack Splat Attack
Your mission is to help Capt Kirk defeat the Borg and Klingon armies and get ...
(Played: 1,687 times)
BarBQ Beef BarBQ Beef
Show off your chef skills in a Japanese Resteraunt.
(Played: 1,875 times)
Race 3 timed laps. Total time is our score. Use arrow keys for movement and S...
(Played: 1,376 times)
Surf Adventure Surf Adventure
Lilo & Stitch surfing adventure!
(Played: 1,479 times)
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Catch the black bombs before they fall to the ground
(Played: 1,609 times)
Starsky n Hutch PinBall Starsky n Hutch PinBall
Anothor pinball game!!
(Played: 1,578 times)
Crazy Relax Crazy Relax
Collect the items dont crash
(Played: 1,593 times)
Short Bus Rampage Short Bus Rampage
Run over kids in your crazy bus. Hit as many as you can.
(Played: 1,736 times)
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Zodiac Slots Zodiac Slots
spin & win
(Played: 1,914 times)
Solitare Slingo Solitare Slingo
Solitare Slingo Style!!
(Played: 1,579 times)
Blackjack Blackjack
Casino style Blackjack.
(Played: 2,097 times)
Baccarat Baccarat
Baccarat. Just like at the Casino.
(Played: 1,935 times)
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Ultimate Snake Ultimate Snake
Classic Snake
(Played: 1,387 times)
Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble
A replica of the classic arcade game!
(Played: 1,613 times)
Beach Pong Beach Pong
Keep the ball in the air
(Played: 1,499 times)
Tetris 2 Tetris 2
the one and only popular game
(Played: 1,444 times)
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Alloy Arena Alloy Arena
Intense junkyard fighting action
(Played: 2,133 times)
Ya-Dancer Ya-Dancer
Press the arrow keys that come up to make the guy do funky moves and dance.
(Played: 1,899 times)
Battle Battle
Battle is turnbase RPG fighting engine
(Played: 2,007 times)
5 Miles To Go 5 Miles To Go
Lets Have some Nascar racing
(Played: 2,533 times)
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Bat & Mouse 2 Bat & Mouse 2
Your the mouse, avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much cheese as...
(Played: 0 times)
Bauble Buster Bauble Buster
Bust your baubles
(Played: 1,518 times)
Balance Balance
Keep the pointer balanced for as long as you can.
(Played: 1,500 times)
1-i 1-i
Collect all the green blobs.
(Played: 1,884 times)
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Trotter Track Trotter Track
Fancy a flutter on the hourses? Well now you can in this hourse racing game.
(Played: 2,082 times)
Spin Off Spin Off
Drive the car round the circular track.
(Played: 1,961 times)
Carmageddon Carmageddon
(Played: 1,928 times)
Brum Brum Brum Brum
Run down as many cats as possible. Avoid hitting the trees and houses.
(Played: 2,097 times)
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Assteroids Assteroids
Adult Game - Shoot the falling women
(Played: 3,761 times)
Clay Kitten Shooting Clay Kitten Shooting
2 Shots, 2 Kittens. Make them count!
(Played: 1,261 times)
Dead Duck Dead Duck
Shoot the ducks
(Played: 1,192 times)
Space Boy Space Boy
A game where your some boy shooting at a octupus
(Played: 1,145 times)
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Chingy Powerballin Chingy Powerballin
A pinball game
(Played: 1,622 times)
Weetabix Games Running Weetabix Games Running
Run 100m as fast as you can.*Set to 3 decimal places.*Lowest score wins.
(Played: 1,922 times)
Cat Baseball Cat Baseball
Hit the ball to score points
(Played: 1,797 times)
Stroke It Lucky Stroke It Lucky
A golf game
(Played: 1,632 times)
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Witch Blade Witch Blade
Help Sarah defeat her enemies. Be careful not to hurt your friends!
(Played: 1,097 times)
Piggy Egg Piggy Egg
pig on a skateboard! Try to catch the eggs dropping from the top to get poin...
(Played: 1,132 times)
Monster Hatch Monster Hatch
Can you solve the puzzle and pop all 25 eggs?
(Played: 1,105 times)
Pepe Le Pews Love Run Pepe Le Pews Love Run
Looney Tune Game
(Played: 1,234 times)
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Skip Rock Skip Rock
How far can you skip rocks?
(Played: 1,204 times)
Squid Hunt Squid Hunt
Hunting squid from the comfort of your own home .. Watch out for the Diving ...
(Played: 1,045 times)
Ultimate Football Ultimate Football
Pass the ball to your teammates in white.
(Played: 1,100 times)
Worm Race Worm Race
Its betting time at the races but its not horses.....Its worm racing.
(Played: 1,154 times)
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Q Bert 2004 Q Bert 2004
Old Classic Qbert!
(Played: 1,837 times)
JigSaw Puzzle Monkey JigSaw Puzzle Monkey
Can you make the puzzle one?
(Played: 1,090 times)
Snake Shooter Snake Shooter
Your task is to shoot as many snakes as you can.
(Played: 1,124 times)
Desktop Invaders Desktop Invaders
Space Invaders Wannabe
(Played: 1,109 times)
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Trampoline Tricks 2 Trampoline Tricks 2
Do as many trampoline tricks in 99 seconds as you can!
(Played: 1,348 times)
Juggler Juggler
Juggle the differ items!
(Played: 1,144 times)
Shuriken Challenge Shuriken Challenge
Think you have the ninja skills to compete? Play the Ninja Shuriken Challenge...
(Played: 1,071 times)
Alien Run Alien Run
Alien Run Game From MagicalSoftware.net
(Played: 1,586 times)
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Toby Crane Toby Crane
Use the crane to drop the items on the dog.
(Played: 1,169 times)
Metal Slug S Metal Slug S
A stick man type metal slug combat game
(Played: 1,227 times)
Destination Earth Destination Earth
How many Survivors can you save?
(Played: 1,023 times)
Operation Switchover Operation Switchover
After the switchover to digital TV there are huge stock-piles pf obselete ana...
(Played: 1,072 times)
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Mini Pool 2 Mini Pool 2
Clear the pool table in the fastest time possible.
(Played: 1,317 times)
Sylvester Sylvester
(Played: 1,063 times)
Abadia Abadia
(Played: 1,755 times)
Miniclip Snake Miniclip Snake
A new version of the old classic.
(Played: 1,409 times)
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